5 Easy Tips to Healthy Partying

Hello Friends!

It’s hard to believe that another year has flown by.  We hope that 2013 was a great year for you and have a sincere desire for 2014 to be even better!  The start of a new year seems to garner the most attention on setting lofty goals for oneself and more often than not they involve some type of health goal. At Organic Housewives we want to help you achieve that goal year round. Whether it’s through providing a healthy recipe that becomes a family favorite, having a trusted resource on health products or practical advice for navigating the unhealthy traps that surround us we are here for you.  We  know the challenges of staying fit and live those challenges every day right along with you.  


Are you guilty of too much pecan pie?

For most of us it’s losing some of the weight gain from the holidays is a top priority.  The excess weight that is packed starting with Thanksgiving and ending with a New Year’s Eve celebration is typically five pounds.  Some of us are overachievers and managed to put on more than that!  To give you a head start on 2014 we have put together some tips to manage the party scene at the holidays and throughout the year.  If you really want a clean start to 2014 you may want to try the OH Detox.


5 Easy Tips to Healthy Partying

1.  Eat Before You Treat

Skipping breakfast and/or lunch in order to “save your appetite” for a holiday dinner and other treats probably isn’t the best weight-Imagemaintenance tactic. Although there are a few school’s of thought on the how much of  a breakfast is really necessary, waiting until 6 PM the next day is probably too long.  More than likely it will lead to bingeing later on which is only equaled by the stampede to items with high sugar values such as cookies, chips and other easy to reach for snacks.  There is nothing wrong to saving a little room for the holiday fare but make sure that you have at least one meal prior to the party.  Try something filling but light such as Southwest omelette, protein packed smoothie or a large salad with a protein which will help tone down the urge to stuff yourself like you’re at a Las Vegas buffet.

2.  BYOA – Bring Your Own Appetizer

Rather than trying to navigate every food item at the party or acting like an overly obsessive dieter bring one healthier dish that you can count on.   A great choice would be the vegan stuffed mushrooms.  They are delicious, filling and appeal to wide range of people.  It’s much easier to attend a party when you have your safe alternative to fall back on!

3.  Avoid the Sugar
Holiday cookies, cakes, and pies are tempting and delicious but can be difficult to moderate.  If you are going to engage in sugar enjoy it in a more natural form such as berries or sliced fruit.  At least that way you are having it the way nature intended which includes fiber and nutrients over nutrient deficient processed sugar and flour.  If the magnetic pull is too strong try small tastes of the desserts you’re truly craving rather than obsessing over them all evening.

4.  Beware of the Beer (and other alcoholic drinks)
Not only does alcohol add unnecessary calories to your diet (meaning a lack of nutritive or functional value i.e. water), but getting tipsy can has another effect on us as well which is kicking our hypothalamus into overdrive.  Drinking too much champagne, eggnog, wine, and beer can make us lose our inhibitions around food and start this effect.  To avoid hooking up with one more cookie or worse, pace your libation intake.  If you are going to engage in alcohol trying alternating one adult beverage to an 8 ounce glass of water.  It will keep you hydrated and ideally feeling a little more full so you stay away from the dessert tray.

5.  Keep Your Mouth and Body Moving

While at the party keep your mouth moving.  If it’s engaged in conversation, telling jokes or sharing stories it’s not eating.  Same advice Imageapplies for moving the body.  If you are up on the dance floor moving and grooving you won’t be eating.  You will also have the added benefit of burning off some of the calories you have already consumed and bumping up your metabolism at the same time with your evening activity!


Have a wonderful 2014!

Your friends,

Donna and Daniela

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