26 Days and Counting

Hello Friends,

Thank you again for all of your support and interest in Organic Housewives.  We have received a bunch of questions but there were two that stood out with regard to the OH Detox and wanted to answer them here because they are great questions and probably affect many you.

Q.  How come I am allowed to eat other grains besides wheat?

A. Because this is a detox to not only help rid your body of toxins but by making these MAJOR changes in eliminating sugar, dairy, wheat and alcohol for 4 weeks you will make lasting dietary changes that will help you forever.  Because wheat is so prevalent and is the grain that primarily contains gluten (a topic for another time.:)) it is imperative that you eliminate it from your diet.  Other organic grains (which are Non-GMO) such as oats and corn are better for you.

*NOTE:  If you are doing the detox to lose weight avoiding all grains is the best.  We do know from experience that giving up wheat will drive you to find a substitute.  If you can go “cold turkey” on all grains that’s great!  If not having a 1/2 of a sweet potato, a small bowl of coconut oil popcorn that YOU made – not from a bag or a small bowl of oatmeal is okay.  Again the purpose of the OH Detox:

This one month program is intended to help reduce the toxic load you are currently putting on your body and at the same time rid your body of existing toxins already stored in your body.

This is a first phase program designed to help you transition from a typical American diet to a more natural and organic one.  Although there are more diet specific or stringent detoxification programs available.  We have found this to be a very effective at helping people transition into a cleaner way of eating and creating lasting habits.

Q.  How much weight will I lose?

A.  It will vary.  The average has been 8% of body weight.  This 8% number was also based on the other parameters of the detox.  Avoiding all processed foods, walking the recommended 30-60 minutes daily and staying within the caloric guidelines of 2,500 or less per day.

Note:  If you eliminate all grains, walk the full 60 minutes per day, avoid processed foods and snacks and eat fresh organic foods you will see better results.  If you are curious about what makes you fat read the blog What Makes You Fat. Or read the info-graphic below.

Click here for full size image
Image Courtesy of http://blog.massivehealth.com

Again dear friends and family.  Our health is a serious topic that quite frankly a single blog or post isn’t going to be able to tackle.  We know that the topic is huge and we do our best to break down mountains of information into bite-sized pieces that will allow for true change in your diets which in turn result in better health.  We firmly believe that our bodies have the incredible power to heal itself when given the proper nourishment and encouragement to do so.

Please continue to email us with questions or post comments whether you have a successful moment or minor setback.  We love you, care about you and can’t wait to hear about the “new” more energized you!

Love and hugs,

Donna and Daniela


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