Are You Afraid of Commitment?

Hello Friends!

D peeling carrot

Carrots or Cake for Matt?

Here’s the deal. We have two more major celebration this year.  One is Daniela’s husband Matt’s birthday – Whoo hoo Matt!, the other is New Year’s Eve.  We promise no guilt trips so enjoy New Year’s Eve with family, friends and libations!

What we do want to focus on today are the most popular resolutions that most of you will be making this year and learn how to set your goal so you can stay committed to achieving it.

  •  Lose weight
  • Eat better
  • Exercise more

Let’s be honest with ourselves, haven’t we all embarked on one if not all three goals at some point?  How many of us have been successful at reaching or maintaining those goals?  Both Daniela and I know from first hand experience the mental and physical challenges associated with those three specific goals and will share our experiences and knowledge with you to stay committed and meet your goals.

Some of you have heard of the phrase “paralysis by analysis”.  We really believe that TOO MUCH information and taking on TOO MANY changes at once can be detrimental to getting started and following through.  Although we could provide inordinate amounts of  information we want to dole it out in reasonable portions so that you can have a taste of success, enjoy the process and reach whatever goal you have set out for yourself.

Phase One:  Determine Your Goal

Preparation begins with determining a goal.  Make your goal specific, realistic and measurable.  Being realistic includes not only the goal itself but the time it takes to achieve it!


My goal is to lose 10 pounds through eliminating processed foods and sugar from my diet for 6 weeks.   I will commit to 30 minutes of walking three times per week rain or shine.

We want to be specific but not so specific that we get tied down in the details.  One of the biggest secrets of achieving a goal is GETTING STARTED.  No matter how small of step you take towards starting towards your goal it’s a start!

If you do falter let’s say you can’t pass up that incredible dessert that is on the specials board.  That’s okay.  Just don’t use the excuse that everyone else does and say “oh well, it’s paid for, might as well eat the whole thing.”  We all need to learn how work through the temptations and learn to view them as choices and move past them.

Speaking of getting started, here are some suggestions for you to get started off on the right foot in 2013.  All of the suggestions below can help you reach your goals of losing weight, eating better (cleaner) and incorporating more activity into your busy life.  The good news is that suggestions below are easy to implement and if taken one at a time, they WILL become permanent healthy changes in your life!

  1. Organic and Natural vs. Processed
  2. Detoxification
  3. Be a busy body

Organic and Local vs. ProcessedFresh Veggies

Before you get started for a detox you need to prepare for the event.  For most of us we have years if not decades of average to poor eating habits along with chemical and toxin overload through the environment.  So what you have is this.  Pollution of our bodies on the inside AND the outside.  A critical step is stop adding to the pollution.  We do this by eating clean.   Eating clean is involves three easy steps:

  1. Eat organic and local – Organic ensures that the food is non-GMO and free of hazardous pesticides and herbicides.  Many farmers cannot afford “organic” certification.  That’s okay as long as you know their growing practices and they are growing their produce in a clean non-toxic manner and using heirloom or non-GMO seed.
  2. Avoid processed foods – We know and understand convenience.   However most processed foods including organic ones are filled with sugar, flour and other fillers that are lacking nutrition, enzymes and other healthful benefits.  Do yourself and your purse a favor and pack your own snacks, water bottles etc.
  3. Avoid synthetic chemicals and additives – Eating organic foods in their natural state will help your body heal itself by reducing the amount of free radicals in your body.  Although our bodies create free radicals naturally through the aging process we add to that total with chemicals, herbicides and other contaminants.


There are several ways to detox and just as many products on the market that claim to the best most thorough job etc.  Although something is better than nothing, if you continue to add junk to your body a detox will only help slightly and you may not feel or experience a difference at all.  This is why we strongly suggest the OH Detox as it incorporates the eating changes listed above along with supplements that will have lasting change if implemented properly.  The best part of the OH Detox is that if it is followed to a “T”, the results are remarkable.  If you choose to follow “most” of it you can still feel a change and the benefits to your body are great.

Be a Busy Body

We don’t mean this in the traditional sense.:)  We mean this by keeping active whether physically or mentally.  Most people are mindless eaters.  Examples of mindless eating include eating in front of the television, while driving in the car or snacking at the computer. Instead find other activities to occupy your time that require your hands, mind and body to be at work.  A great example would be tennis.  Regardless of your level of play it’s pretty much impossible to “snack” and play tennis at the same time.  Taking a brisk walk and trying to drink a latte at the same time is a recipe for going to the dry cleaner.  You get the idea.  Get active and avoid the mindless eating.

So let’s pick one area to work on and go for it!  Donna will be starting the OH Detox  on January 1st and will be posting results along the way!  If you would like to do the OH Detox with us and receive a weekly update make sure to sign up for the newsletter on the right hand side of the blog.

Have a great 2013!  We look forward to providing you the support and products you need to reach your health goals!

Love and hugs,

Donna and Daniela



One thought on “Are You Afraid of Commitment?

  1. daniela says:

    I like it and obviously am moving forward on the cleanse as well. It might be the best time to jump start my New Year! I love the inspiring words laced with passion for feeling great!

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