5 Ways to Stay Skinny Through Thanksgiving

Hello Friends!

My oh my it’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving will be here in less than a week!  We wanted to provide a few tips that will help you stay on track with your health goals during this week of feasting!  I have to admit that a well prepared Thanksgiving meal is one of my favorite indulgences and the memories and laughter that it conjures up makes me smile around this time every year.

With that said I am a huge fan of all the holiday “trimmings” and do find it hard not to over-indulge on mashed potatoes and gravy, dark meat turkey and stuffing.  Given that the average Thanksgiving day meal has over 3,000 calories (more than most of us consume in a day) here are some tips that will help you get through the holiday shuffle without feeling deprived and leaving you with less work to do on your body on January 1st!

Are you nibbling again?

  1. Keep a visual… on your plate:  When you place food on your plate you should be able to see part of the pattern and/or some “white space”.  I don’t know what it is about family style meals that turn us into hoarders who construct food piles on our plates.  Most of us are able to go back and get a second helping if we choose.
  2. Lighten up:  Although there is usually a family fight as to the two drumsticks, leave the fighting to others.  White meat has less than half the calories – and a quarter of the fat – of dark meat with skin.
  3. Think outside the turkey:   Cook stuffing outside the bird so it doesn’t absorb the fat drippings.  This will also help avoid “soggy” stuffing.  The calories and fat saved here will allow us to indulge later on a small slice of pumpkin pie!
  4. Avoid the egg nog:  One cup of this traditional holiday beverage contains over 450 calories!  Of course that’s if you just have one cup.  Skip the egg nog and enjoy a glass of wine which only has 125 calories per 5 oz. serving.
  5. Socialize:  The more focused you are on talking, playing football with the kids or walking with family the less you are focused on food.

Just remember that Thanksgiving festivities can last a few days.  We can all enjoy the event but let’s not take it to the extremes.  All of our bodies can recover from a day of indulgence, it’s the multiple days in a row or worse yet a whole month of parties, rich foods and treats that can hit us with the holiday bulge.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving week with family and friends!

Love and hugs,

Donna and Daniela


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