3 Simple Ways to Lose Weight

Hello All!

We hope you had a spectacular week and are well rested for a super one ahead.  We wanted to thank all of you for reading our blog, patronizing our website and placing local orders.  We love sharing our passion of clean living with you!

We have heard from many of you that you are anxious to lose those last “stubborn” pounds.  It became quite obvious that many of you are still living in the world of conventional wisdom as it relates to wellness information.  We wanted to explore 3 major myths with you this morning.  We chose these three because,

  1. We have been guilty of them ourselves (Daniela with long “turtle runs” and Donna with obscene amounts of Diet Coke)
  2. We see these habits with you are friends  often, yet you wonder “why can’t I shake these pounds?”

So here we go to briefly debunk 3 myths that people think are healthy habits yet they detrimental to helping you reach your health and weight goals.

Myth #1 – All calories are equal, so it doesn’t matter what you eat

The “calorie is a calorie” argument is widely used by the processed food industry to explain that weight loss isn’t really about what you eat but about how many calories you eat. Think about it.  If it were just about calories, you could eat only sugar and be fine. In fact, you’d would fall ill and eventually die as sugar lacks any nutrients.

The Key:

Eating more nutrient dense food and less sugar and processed foods.  There’s a huge correlation between eating better equating to eating less.  Eating better causes you to eat less because your body is getting the nutrition that it wants and needs.  Eating organic vegetables and fruit along with lean sources of protein allows your body to obtain and assimilate key nutrients.

Myth #2 – Diet soda will help you lose weight

Diet soda can increase your risk of metabolic syndrome, a group of symptoms that includes high levels of belly fat, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

Studies show that drinking diet soda may increase the incidence of obesity and/or prevent you from losing weight. Findings from a recent University of Texas Health Center study show the link between obesity and diet soda.

Obesity risk increased as followed:

54.5 percent for one to two cans of diet soda per day as opposed to 32.8 percent for those drinking the same amount of regular soda

We can see that diet soda consumption had a higher correlation with obesity rates than consumption of caloric soda containing sugar or high-fructose corn syrup.

The Key:

So if we are all aware of how bad drinking “regular” soda is, we now see how awful drinking “diet” sodas are.  Bottom line stay away from diet and regular soda period!

Myth#3 – Lots of cardio exercise burns more fat

Science continues to confirm that shorter, higher-intensity burst workouts result in greater fat burning, greater development of lean body mass and a variety of other benefits than traditional one hour cardio workouts.

High-intensity burst exercises or interval training will boost your body’s natural production of human growth hormone (HGH) a hormone increases physical strength, health and longevity.

The Key:

 This type of exercise only requires a 20-minute time investment two to three times per week for optimal benefits.  The more intensely your exercise, the more carbs you burn, and when your body has burned up all the carbs, it starts burning fat. This is why we advocate a lower carb lifestyle to those seeking to stay trim or to lose weight. 

*One of the best things that we did was our golf course version of intervals.  We would walk at a brisk pace along the cart path on the course (during off hours of course!) and when we reached the 150 yard marker we would sprint along the cart path all the way to the green.  We would then walk until we reached the next 150 yard marker then repeat.  Sometimes we would just do the par 3’s depending on the day and how much time we had.  If you aren’t in sprinting shape simply substitue a light jog.  You will know what speed when you get your heart rate up!

*When engaging in any diet or exercise program always check with your physician or health care practitioner.

We know through tremendous research and first hand experience that you have the ability to take your health and overall wellness into your hands.  We sincerely hope that you are able to make at least one of these changes to help you reach your goals and enjoy the life your destined to live.

Yours in health,

Donna and Daniela


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