Get Rid of Bagel Butt?

Happy Wednesday!

Most of us have heard of the term gluten-free and some of us are actually incorporating this into our lifestyle.  For those of you that have followed the OH Detox you know that eliminating wheat is a major part of detoxing.  While eliminating just wheat isn’t technically going “gluten-free” it is in most cases pretty darn close.

Why would you consider going gluten-free?  We found a short video with Dr. Davis author of Wheat Belly  and a short interview that summarizes the topic very well.

So why is eliminating wheat so helpful for weight loss?  Wheat has a high glycemic index which raises blood sugar.

Two slices of whole wheat bread raises blood sugar higher than six teaspoons of table sugar or a Snickers Bar.

I think we would all agree that eating sugar or Snickers Bars would not be a good choice for our health or losing weight.

So take a moment to watch the short video and if you have time read the article.  We think that it could be the best 8 minutes you invest in your health this week!

Love to all,

Donna and Daniela


2 thoughts on “Get Rid of Bagel Butt?

    • organichousewives says:

      Hey there! Thank you for peeking. I wasn’t even sure if you remembered what a bagel was being “down south!” If you need more information just email me and I would be happy to oblige!

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