Coffee Talk

Hello Everyone!

The other day I received an article from one of our vendors Life Extension.  They were sharing information on how wonderful coffee is for us.  From weight-loss to diabetes to anti-carcinogens, it can be one of nature’s super foods.  The problem with most coffee these days are the pesticides used on the beans, the chemicals they use in roasting and the packaging itself.   The coffee bean at that point has lost much of its flavor therefore we must drown it in cream and sugar for it to taste yummy.

Raw Coffee Berries

If it weren’t for my first cleanse I would had never tasted real coffee.  Due to the all organic cleanse I had embarked on last spring, I had finally tasted the coffee bean!  It was rather complex with different aromatic flavors coming forth.  At first I did use almond milk but after a week I found it smoother, simply straight up.  At that point I started exploring different organic roasts.  First Publix’s Greenwise, then onto Trader Joe’s fabulous selection, then finally my favorite Rutamaya Cubita blends.

This coffee is absolutely, amazing and very clean from the plant to the processing to your doorstep,  The benefits of coffee are plentiful as long as you stay away from the sugars, artificial sweetners, creams, and not to mention GO ORGANIC your are drinking a phenomenal drink that is so good for you.

I have to share a quick story that inspired my love for this brand Rutamaya.  We headed out to the mountains on a family trip where we would have a coffee maker.  I thought “this is great because I get to pack some of our food to save on money and our health.”  Well, we are an hour away when I gasp, “I forgot the coffee!.”  Actually, even my husband was disappointed.  Then I begged him to stop at a coffee shop that I thought was a decent replacement.  We both thought “that will be fine.”  I woke the next morning ready for a hot cup of Joe up in the mountains so excited then realized…. pwwwww the coffee tasted like a bunch of chemicals.  No wonder I would always have to order cappuccinos and lattes.  This is simply yucky.  Well besides the barely “ok” cup of coffee the next day, the family getaway was a blast.

So Monday morning rolls around, and I am so excited to have my Cubita dark roast blend.  So what was made?, the coffee from the mountain trip.  I was crushed, and I looked at my husband in disbelief, and said, “really?”  His reply? “You made me stop to buy this, now we need to finish it.”  I get it.  I don’t like wasting money either but as the days dragged on, I just couldn’t take it anymore.  So I opened a fresh bag of our Rutamaya Cubita dark roast while he was at work and enjoyed a bit of healthy love in a cup. Absolutely the best decision I had made all week. I will therefore freeze the other bag, as not to waste it and use at a later date when we undergo an attack or something horrible.

As not to end on that note, the main reason I started with organic coffee was not for taste and pleasure but for the sake of clean eating.  I was starting my cleanse and needed to make everything I could get my hands on organic.  So organic coffee was the easiest thing switch over.   I had no idea, I would ever stop cream in my coffee, but it was actually a blessing in disguise.  Now I don’ t waste money on organic cream and sugar plus, I feel much stronger without the sugar.

Have an inspired day and a great weekend!

Yours in health,

Daniela and Donna

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