Got Fat?

We all do.  From those super skinny runway models to those fit Victoria’s Secret models!  We all carry fat on our bodies and when in proportion it’s a good thing.

Even she has fat!

Fat essentially has two main purposes

  • Fat cells store excess calories in a safe way so you utilize the fat stores when you’re hungry.
  • Fat releases hormones that control metabolism.

There is a third purpose that isn’t talked about much but is INCREDIBLY important.

Our fat is where most toxins are stored.

Our bodies and the intelligence inside of them is amazing.  Fat and water storage are your body’s way of protecting you from dangerous toxins. Fat does this by storing oil soluble toxins and water by diluting them.

This is another major reason why people can’t lose weight.

Our intelligent immune system will not allow the removal of excess fat and water if the level of toxins that are stored in the fat and water will put our bodies at risk by their release into the bloodstream.

Here’s an example. We would all agree that we “retain” water after consuming too many salty foods.  Right?  Have you ever thought about why that happens?  It happens because our body needs to neutralize the amount of sodium in our body.  We need some sodium for our body to perform critical functions that affect the brain, nervous system and muscles but in excess it would be fatal.  So our body retains water to “dilute” the excess sodium and get the the levels back in the “normal” range for our bodies.

The fat and water storage of toxins is also why many people who take prescription drugs experience “weight gain” as a side effect.  Our bodies know how to regulate these toxins and will do what it takes to keep our bodies as safe as possible.

The storage of toxins in fat is another reason why we should avoid eating animal fats.  They store toxins in their fat just like we do.  So whether it’s the skin from chicken, fatty sausages or salami’s or just fatty cuts of meat, please trim it away! Not only are they empty calories but even with a good diet, these animals can be exposed to toxins and their fat is going to be where it’s at.

Is this starting to make sense?  The more toxins you have in your body the less likely you are to lose weight because your intelligent immune system won’t release fat or water if there are excessive toxins in your body!  Your body will release some of these toxins through regular bodily functions and sweating whether done through exercise or sauna.

What can we do to improve this?  Under the tab OH Detox you will find the initial steps necessary to reduce your intake of toxins by changing your diet.  Once we clean up what is going into our bodies then we can work on getting rid of what’s already there.  The key is not adding to the build-up that is already present inside of us!

In the future we will give additional tips and resources on how to rid our bodies of accumulated toxins through diet, supplements and exercise.  In the meantime lets start by decreasing the toxic load on our beautiful bodies!

Have a great day knowing you are further on the path to wellness!

Much love to all!

Donna and Daniela

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