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Good Morning!

Hope everyone is doing well and that you are ready for a great week!  So grab a cup a coffee if you are just waking up and keep reading!

Many of you have had a chance to read over The OH Detox.  We can only imagine the pent up enthusiasm followed by the slamming of the brakes on having to sacrifice sugar AND alcohol for a whole month?  That’s a normal response.  Usually there is one of the 4 major items of elimination that hits home for people.  For me personally it was dairy.  Your tastes can and will change always for the better.

So how do we go about making the change?  You have to want it.  Really want it.  As was stated before if you are looking for the magic pill or the three day magic cleanse that is going to make years of poor habits magically transform you… you get the idea.

We have been where you are.  Without going into laborious detail we have been there, done that.  Done a majority of the major diets (Atkin’s, South Beach, The Zone etc.) and workout programs (Cardio-Free, Tae Bo, Buns of Steel etc.) and we can tell you the following.

The predictor of your success in losing weight and having a more shapely body is diet.  Not in the traditional fashion of restricting calories but the type of foods you eat.

So if you really want to change the way your body looks AND feels The OH Detox is a great first step and is one that is doable.  We aren’t saying that everyone that does the OH Detox  will drink black coffee, become a teetotaler or ban chocolate forever (never having those last two would be awful in book…).  What we are saying is that after doing this for a month, you will have more energy, look better and have changed some serious habits in the process.

We will be putting out a shopping guide this week to help you navigate the store aisles in what you CAN have vs. can’t.  If you have questions or comments please let us know so that we can help you on this journey of feeling better and living a healthier lifestyle.


Donna and Daniela

Check it out!

Hello All!

We hope that your weekend is off to a great start!  As promised the OH Detox is up and you can find it under the tab “The OH Detox”.

Please be reminded that this is a transitional program.  It is designed to help you break the habits that you have built up over the years while simultaneously helping your body rid itself of those same years of accumulated toxins.

Following this program (no cheating!) will break you of food addictions.  We have experienced this first hand and through the success of others following this program.  People have lost weight, enjoyed clearer skin and found that their desire to eat copious amounts of food have disappeared.

You will find that with your new found energy, your body running more efficiently and your senses more aware that you will want less of those “pleasure” foods.  You will want less because you won’t be craving them.  Really?  Yes, really.  If you really have the desire to be healthier, eat better and lose weight this is a fantastic program.

We wish you all the best on your start to a healthier 2012!

Donna and Daniela

Let’s Start Drinking!

Good morning everyone!

Have you had your first drink of the day yet?  I have.  No, not that kind of drink. We’re talking water!  Approximately 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. So let’s get the part everyone is interested in.  How does drinking more water help me lose weight?

75% of our body, 80% of our brain and 90% of our blood is composed of water.

Drinking water aids in weight loss by:

  • Keeping your metabolism up.  Even mild dehydration can slow down your metabolism.
  • Keeps you feeling full.  Drinking water makes you full and contributes to the absorption of minerals in your body.  
  • Detoxifying your body.  Water is the key element in the removal of waste from your body.
So how much water are we talking about?  An easy rule of thumb is 1/2 your body weight in ounces.  For example: A 150 pound person would drink 75 ounces which comes to just over 9 – 8 ounce glasses.  That is optimal.  Most of us aren’t even drinking half of that, so drink up!

Your goal this week should be to drink more!  Water that is.:)

Have a beautiful day!

Donna and Daniela


Hello Friends!

We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to share the next few posts with you!  We were trying to figure out what we were going to chat about next on Organic Housewives (OH) as there is a tremendous amount of important information to share.  We tossed around ideas from juice cleanses and exercise programs to recipes and the raw foods trend.  We then figured we would just ask you!  It was overwhelming from the streets of Chicago to Lake Oconee.


It really shouldn’t come as a surprise since most of us are searching to lose that “last five pounds” if not more.  Most of us equate feeling better with losing weight.  Most of us have tried this by following the conventional wisdom of eating less calories, eating low fat and getting more exercise.  Yet with following this conventional wisdom our nation is now experiencing the following.

 33.8% of American adults are obese.  

Even more staggering is the following figure:

17% of American children are obese. 

We are talking obese not overweight.  We aren’t going to go into the details of differences between overweight and obese but in a nutshell for an adult if your body mass index is higher than 25 you are defined as overweight, 30 and higher is obese.  To calculate your body mass index (BMI) click here.

If your desire is truly there and you haven’t been successful in the past with diets or creating better habits then you need to stay tuned to OH.  In a few days we will be addressing the area of weight loss through a gentle elimination diet that some refer to as a detox diet.  The whole idea of a detox diet is to rid toxins from the body.  When your body rids itself of toxins it functions more efficiently, release excess water and you naturally feel better and more energized.  Whether you call it an elimination diet or cleanse program what most people want is to shed pounds.  Now mind you there are hundreds of different cleanses and elimination diets and other diets on the market.  We are not here to “rate” them all or to say one is better than the other because quite frankly lifestyle is not a “one and done” type of project.  If you want to live your life constantly on a yo-yo program of dieting then feasting, feasting then cleansing and repeating the cycle then the OH Detox is not for you.

On a personal note, both Daniela and myself have done the OH Detox that we are going to share with you. We have both experienced wonderful results and are excited for you to begin as well.  The primary objective of the OH Detox is to reduce your toxic intake and allow your body to rid itself of excess toxins. Another benefit of this detoxification process typically is weight loss.  The amount of weight loss can vary in individuals primarily based on whether you stay “true” to the program.

On a personal note, I have lost 7 pounds since December 29th. I am now officially off of craving sugar after a cookie-fest over Christmas!  I have 5 days left and look forward to introducing red wine back into my world!  The best part of doing this is that when I do go back to introducing some of the foods that I have eliminated I find that I am satisfied with so much less.

For example I find that when I do crave a “little something sweet” that something like frozen raspberries or a piece of dark chocolate really does the trick.  Feeling content with enjoying a glass of wine with dinner and not having the urge to follow it up with three more.  So enough of what we have experienced, it’s your turn!  If you have a desire to make some lasting changes, lose weight and learn some new things then follow up with Organic Housewives later this week.

Please remember that we love you, we are passionate about what we do and will give you the information you need to make living a healthier lifestyle simple.  We will post the OH Detox no later than Saturday morning (maybe earlier!).  So come back and visit to get started!

 Yours in health,

Donna and Daniela

Are you ready for the best year yet?

Happy New Year!  We sincerely want 2012 to be the year that your health goals are realized. We have all been a part of the group that starts out with a ton of goals, incredible enthusiasm and the promise to ourselves that we are going to lose weight this year.  Most of us have fallen victim to running out of steam and falling back into our old habits and once again making the excuse that we don’t have the time, we’re too tired or we just don’t have the discipline.

Well we are here to tell you that you do have the time, you can have more energy and with some education (that’s why we are here!) you will realize it’s not such much discipline but understanding the forces that make eating better virtually impossible.  Our is goal is to provide you 3-4 updates a month on recipes, information and products that will help you reach your goals.  We look forward to you joining us!

Yours in health,

Daniela and Donna

Daniela and Donna Mexico